Waffle House employee tests positive for Coronavirus

Additionally, 12 workers are now under self-quarantine until Saturday despite having shown no symptoms and the store is closed for the time being

Waffle House
Waffle House (Credit: Waffle House)

Waffle House officials in Georgia confirmed Tuesday that one of their works tested positive for coronavirus

The infected worker is an employee at the Waffle House located at 1849 Marietta Highway in Canton. According to WSBTV 2, the individual worked one day last week, March 1. The unidentified person went to the hospital and is now in isolation.

Additionally, 12 workers are now under self-quarantine until Saturday despite having shown no symptoms. The hourly employees, of which there are 10, will be paid. The store will remain closed for the time being and enhanced sanitization measures will be implemented at other locations.

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Officials will be working with the Cherokee County Health Department to determine their next course of action.

“We continue to work with state and local health department personnel for guidance. Our main concern has been, and will continue to be, the safety of our associates and customers,” Waffle House said in a statement.

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The Coronavirus outbreak was first reported last December from Wuhan, China. Since then, COVID-19 has impacted the nation and worldwide. 550 people have been infected in the United States, killing more than 20. More than 111,000 people have been infected worldwide, while more than 3,800 have died.

President Donald Trump has told worried citizens Tuesday not to worry and that it is all under control. NPR reported that POTUS met with lawmakers to discuss the epidemic.

“It will go away,” Trump said of the disease after meeting with GOP senators. “Stay calm.”

NPR also reported that Trump compared the outbreak to the flu. He noted that the flu killed more people.

“So you have 8,000 versus 26 deaths at this time — with all of that being said, we’re taking this unbelievably seriously and I think were doing a very good job,” Trump said.