NeNe Leakes accuses Gregg of inappropriate relationship with former female employee

Juanita Marshall denied facetiming NeNe's husband and insisted that her relationship with Gregg was strictly professional

Nene Leakes
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

During a recent visit to Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, NeNe Leakes shared how a secret relationship between her boutique manager and Gregg became exposed during a staff meeting. 

While sharing the details with Yee, NeNe shared how Gregg assisted with the hiring process when she decided to open a fashion boutique in Maryland. The alleged communications took place during the summer of 2019.

NeNe believed the now ex-employee’s physical appearance aligned with her husband’s personal taste. She’s been identified as Juanita Marshall

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“She’s very much Gregg’s type and Gregg very much likes girls with short hair,” NeNe said on the podcast according to PEOPLE

Back in June 2019, the outspoken reality TV star asked her Twitter followers a cryptic, hypothetical question regarding the potential affair. She initially claimed the advice was for a friend but now, she may have been at the center of the dispute after all. 

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While giving Yee and her listeners the full-story, NeNe explained that Marshall did not willingly share this information. In fact, a verbal confrontation with another shop employee resulted in the after-hours FaceTime calls being brought to light. NeNe did not take the accusatory statements lightly. 

“Well, how about you and Mr. Gregg be FaceTiming,” Nene said an unnamed male staffer blurted out after confronting Marshall for calling him “Queen.”

Marshall, in shock, immediately denied the face-to-face chats. However, that did not stop NeNe from giving Gregg a phone call to clear the air. NeNe put the phone call on speaker while still in the staff meeting, asking Gregg about his relationship with Marshall.

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Gregg initially denied the allegations. Yet, later on, he revealed being in contact with the retail manager. 

“We never did anything. We just talked on the phone. We never had sex,” Nene says Gregg claimed. 

Marshall spoke to Page Six regarding the situation, claiming to never have had unprofessional conversations with Gregg.

“I was a store manager, so I talked to him just like her other managers from her other locations talk to him,” said Marshall. She continued to explain her departure was on her own terms.

“It was too much drama for me, so I decided not to stay. I walked away from the position,” Marshall continued.

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Despite stories from both sides, this incident compelled silence between NeNe and Gregg that lasted months. Throughout their years in the public eye, they have shared the full scope of their relationship with the world. It has included separation, divorce, and remarriage. 

At the end of the day, NeNe said if Gregg wanted to go be with someone else, she does not plan on stopping him. She has shared her opinion on operating an open-relationship. 

“I don’t want to hear what he’s doing about anyway. I’m in New York and he’s in Georgia. Whatever he’s doing I don’t need to know about it. We’ve really had these conversations,” NeNe said.