Activist Deray Mckesson reveals he tested positive for COVID-19

He says he's expected to make a full recovery

This week, activist and author DeRay Mckesson revealed he has tested positive for COVID-19 and shared what he experienced during his struggle to recover.

Mckesson took to social media Thursday to announce that he’d contracted the coronavirus that’s affected millions of people worldwide but in the United States, has disproportionately impacted Black and Brown communities.

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“I just tested positive for COVID-19. I lost my sense of taste about a week ago — a mild symptom, the doctor said. Quarantine has now turned into isolation,” he wrote on Twitter. “Luckily, taste is beginning to come back. The doc expects me to recover fully, told me to call if I have any chest pains.”

“Black people are disproportionately victims of COVID-19. Racism pushes black people to the margins of society & there is less of every resource at the margins,” he continued. “This is by design. We did not do this to ourselves. But it can undone in this lifetime. Healthcare is a right!”

On a lighter note, he also opened up about how he’s been spending his downtime.

“Also, I don’t think I can take anymore naps. I’m a little tired of watching TV. I’ve loved FT’ing with my niece & nephew, sister, & friends. I’m obsessed with the HouseParty app and overwhelmed by the IG Live craze. If you have any suggestions on how to remain sane, let me know.”

The 34-year-old also shared resources with his followers who may find themselves in a similar situation.

If you have questions or (think you) have symptoms, call 478-29-COVID to be linked with the support nearest to you. #WhileAtHome

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