Bronx teen becomes TikTok star tutoring math to quarantined students

16-year-old Alexis Loveraz uses the social media platform to explain subjects like geometry, algebra, and chemistry

A 16-year-old Bronx student, Alexis Loveraz, has spent their time in quarantine helping others learn through tutoring on TikTok. 

TikTok Tutor
Image via CBS New Yokr

While some teenagers are using TikTok spew racism, Alexis Loveraz, a 16-year-old student from the Bronx, has repurposed the social media platform as a learning medium.   Since schools have shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Loveraz has used his own book-smarts to engage his peers and help them with math homework and lessons.

According to CBS2 New York, Loveraz is quickly earning the title “TikTok Tutor.”

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The Harlem Prep High School student, with his 4.0-grade point average, is most certainly qualified to be a tutor. After a little push from his friends, the scholar was encouraged to post his educational videos to TikTok for others to see.

“The knowledge that I have I want to share with other people!” the mini-cyber teacher tells CBS2 New York. 

The subjects that he teaches goes far beyond math.

Loveraz’ TikTok profile hosts videos explaining geometry, algebra, and chemistry. The students that follow him have found that his tutorials are extremely helpful, especially now as they are charged to navigate their lessons through remote learning. Adolescents across the world have turned to the ‘TikTok Tutor’ for simplified explanations of their toughest subjects.

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CBS2 New York reports Loveraz currently has over 165,000 followers with over 2.3 million likes and viewers in The United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Singapore. He is working to integrate Google Classrooms to make the digital experience better for everyone.

He embodies the spirit of a young Oscar Moreno and genuinely hopes to help others understand the math and sciences through the platform. Perhaps, just like the noted Puerto Rican mathematician, he will help change the face of these subjects. Not only will Loveraz make the subjects accessible to a community often intimidated by the equations and formulas, but make his people proud.

His parents are already proud.

“I’m excited about this. I know he can do this and more. I’m so proud that he helped a lot of people,” says his mother Likmilian Hiciano.