Republican candidate denies saying Blacks are ‘political slaves’ to Dems

Though the posts seem authentic, Dr. Ted Howze says they are not, calls them 'disgusting,' 'negative' and 'ugly'

Ted Howze
Ted Howze (Facebook)

Several new reports are exposing racist posts allegedly made by a GOP candidate for Congress, Dr. Ted Howze.

The first report was published by Politico and detailed shocking social media posts that they believe the Republican wrote. Howze appears to have social media posts that blast Black people for aligning with Democrats, calling them “political slaves.”

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In a 2016 post he titled “Dear BLM,” Howze wrote, “As a culture, 95% percent of you vote in lockstep for the same political party who held you as physical slaves and now wish to keep you as political slaves unable to effect (sic) any real change for the better.” 

Ted Howze
Ted Howze (Screenshot of an old Facebook)

In the same post, he claimed, “As a culture, 70% of your fathers have turned their backs on their own children and their mothers.” He went on to say, “I’d say it’s way past time to take a good long look in the mirror and get your priorities straight!”

Facebook wasn’t the only place that Howze spewed his rhetoric. On his personal Twitter account, he attacked the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and others, including Parkland survivor, David Hogg

In another tweet, Howze implied that Congresswoman Maxine Waters uses crack.

Both tweets have been deleted and Howze claims that the posts were not his. 

In fact, Politico received a statement where Howze not only denies that he wrote them but has called these posts “disgusting,” “negative” and “ugly.” The site says that the candidate disputed their report, stating, “These do not represent me, who I am, now or ever.”

Howze claims that the statements were not his and that his security protocols have been tightened. 

But, additional posts have recently been uncovered and now, Howze is changing his tune. His campaign is now opting to no longer comment, saying, “It’s the policy of the campaign to not comment on fake news or redundant stories by the same insider online blog.” 

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On Twitter, Howze is also opting to attack the media calling the reports, “fake news,” that want to hurt Republicans and Donald Trump

Howze is running against Democrat Josh Harder who is leading in the race for the House of Representatives seat in California’s 10th district.