Shoppers run woman without mask out of Staten Island store in viral video

A group of people in a Staten Island store decided to enforce social distancing on their own.

With the growing spread of the coronavirus around the world it is becoming harder and harder to find protective equipment and hand sanitizer around the country, especially the N95 protective face mask which Patrom is selling for $30, three times its regular cost. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

As states and cities open up around the country, there are obvious divisions about social distancing and mask-wearing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. One woman in Staten Island experienced this the hard way from her fellow shoppers.

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You have the people who believe the virus is a hoax or something that won’t impact them who flocked to places like the Ozarks and Daytona beach over the Memorial Day weekend.

Then you have the social distancing police who are cowered in their homes, spraying every delivery box, and afraid to come out despite restrictions being lifted, or are immunocompromised or in questionable health and feel going out is not work the risk.

(Credit: screenshot)

Then you have people in Staten Island, New York– one of New York City’s five boroughs, the island is home to many cops, firemen and other first responders. So in their case, they may be a little more sensitive to those who would flout social distancing guidelines.

One grocery store shopper found this out when trying to shop at a store on Staten Island without a mask.

The unidentified female shopper apparently felt as though she didn’t have to abide by guidelines in most grocery stores around the nation that require a mask upon entry.

But the other shoppers weren’t having it and an exchange ensured as they surrounded the woman to shoo her out of the store.


Shouts of “Get out” and shoppers gesturing for the woman to exit as though she was guilty of a bad performance on the Apollo stage ultimately “convinced” the woman to leave the store.

The incident happened about two weeks ago at a Staten Island Shoprite, CBS News reported.

“Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. At ShopRite, we continue to adhere to our sanitation and social distancing protocols to ensure our stores remain a safe place for associates and customers to work and shop,” the grocery store chains said in a statement acquired by CBS. “We are all in this together and we ask for everyone to be patient and understanding during this difficult time.”

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Who’s the Boss actress Alyssa Milano, a Staten Island native, said she was proud of the people who shamed the shopper.


While the debate rages on about whether or not masks make a difference in combating coronavirus, a recent article suggests that it does. And given that almost 100,000 have died from it or complications of it, it might be better safe than sorry.

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