Oakland man goes viral for roasting would be ‘Karen’

A California woman gets checked for her racially abusive behavior

A California mank went viral this week after a video of him shutting down a would-be ‘Karen’ with a scathing tongue lashing made the rounds on social media.

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“So I’m riding in Alameda going to get me some food to eat,” begins the Facebook message Charles Marshall posted Tuesday.

“This racist ass old white woman yelled at me and say go back to Oakland, so I let it go an keep going, the place where I was going to eat was close today , so I’m riding back and the same lady I rides by the first time give me the finger, after that I’m like f**k this. I don’t give a f**k I’m not taking this kind of s**t from anybody.”

Marshall ends the message by telling his followers, “Stop letting these people feel comfortable doing this kind of sh**t.”

The video that follows is a full minute of fury as Marshall unleashes a tidal wave of insults at the woman who is repeatedly stunned silent as her attempts to get a word in fall on deaf ears.

When the woman realizes that she’s way over her head she tries to gain Marshall’s sympathy by telling him, “I’m 80 years old!” but that doesn’t move him and soon she begins to back away, thwarted in her efforts to make him feel uncomfortable in her neighborhood.

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You can check out the viral clip below. Just be forewarned that it contains strong, NSFW language.

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