St. Louis couple point multiple guns at protesters in viral video

The McCloskeys 'defended' their property as peaceful protestors passed by their home on the way to confront the mayor

Mark and Patricia McCloskey aimed guns at protesters who walked by their mansion in Forest Park, Mo. on their way to the St. Louis' mayor's home.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey
Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Screenshot from viral video)

Husband and wife, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, aimed guns at protesters who walked by their mansion in Forest Park, Mo.

The protesters were headed to St. Louis mayor, Lyda Krewson’s home to demand her resignation after she read the names of and addresses of people who had submitted a letter demanding that she defund the city’s police department.

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In the viral video, the couple is seen screaming “keep moving!” Mark McCloskey is seen holding a large assault rifle, while his wife is pointing a handgun at protesters walking by.

Ironically, the couple’s law firm is representing a victim of police brutality.

According to The Daily Mail, the couple owns the McCloskey Law Center which they run from their palatial home.

Mr. McCloskey is currently representing a man, identified by the initials I.F., who was kicked and struck by police officer David Maas. The shocking incident was captured on dashcam footage that appeared to show him surrendering.

Maas was charged in March 2020 with one count of deprivation of rights in relation to the case. According to the report, in a previous statement, McCloskey said, “I’m glad that the law enforcement agencies are subject to the same standard as everybody else.”

The McCloskeys lived in the same community as Mayor Krewson.

In a now-deleted Facebook Live video posted Friday, June 26, Krewson read the names and addresses of people who support defunding the St. Louis police department. An online petition demanding her resignation has garnered over 40,000 signatures. Protesters painted the word “RESIGN,” outside of her home.

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A spokesperson from Krewson’s office has stated that she has no intention of resigning.

She did issue an apology on Friday night, “Tonight, I would like to apologize for identifying individuals who presented letters to me at City Hall as I was answering a routine question during one of my updates earlier today.”

She added, “While this is public information, I did not intend to cause distress or harm to anyone. The post has been removed.”

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