Texas woman calls her Black boss the N-word after getting fired

A Houston lawyer was recorded as she responded to termination by spewing racial slurs

(Credit: screenshot/TMZ)

A Texas woman launched into a racist tirade after her Black boss fired her and called him the N-word.

The unidentified woman repeatedly called her boss a “motherf*****”,  the N-word and at one point started a freestyle rap by using the slur,” TMZ reported.

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She further taunted him by saying that he needed to call the police since she called him the slur. The incident took place on Monday at Gibson Arnold & Associates, a staffing agency for the legal industry based in Houston.

“Let’s make some raps for the n***er,” she chanted in full view of others and on camera.

The woman’s identity and why she was fired has not yet been disclosed. However, the company told TMZ that what took place was “horrific.” She was a temp who was immediately escorted off the premises after her racist outburst.

They added, “the man she is yelling at is one of our valued employees and a leader in our Houston office who was firing her.”

The bad behavior of this woman follows a disturbing trend as of late involving white women whose racist behavior has been caught on camera. It has created the meme of ‘Karens Gone Wild’ but it’s been no laughing matter as these women have directed their rage at unsuspecting Black people.

Last week, a Missouri woman hurled hateful rhetoric as she taunted a Black Lives Matter advocate and proudly declared her “KKK belief.”

“I will teach my grandkids to hate you all,” Kathy Jenkins yelled in the video, which went viral.

In California, another white woman called a Black woman the N-word a Sacramento 7-Eleven convenience store. The unidentified Black woman warned that she would knock the white woman out if she used the slur again. Undeterred, the white woman called her bluff and said the N-word again and even louder. That’s when the punches flew, ultimately resulting in the white woman being knocked to the ground.

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A man who identified himself as the Black woman’s husband said that she’s been arrested, although there is no confirmation that that’s what happened.

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