Washington Post editor says white women are ‘lucky’ they are just being called Karen

Karen Attiah tweeted the alternative could be Black people seeking revenge.

(Credit: Karen Attiah)

A Black Washington Post editor is being accused of inciting violence after tweeting that white women are “lucky” Black people are “just calling them Karens and not calling for revenge.”

Sunday evening, Washington Post Global Opinions editor Karen Attiah tweeted, “The lies and tears of white women hath wrought; the 1921 Tulsa massacre, murder of Emmett Till, exclusion of black women from feminist movements, 53% of white women voting for Trump.

(Credit: Karen Attiah)

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“White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karens. And not calling for revenge,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

“Oh so insulting generalizations based on race and gender are okay now? Or are they only okay for you? Just trying to understand the rules,” conservative writer Matt Walsh replied to the since-deleted tweets.

“You threaten white women with violence. WashPo what is your response? The world is watching and waiting,” another follower tweeted.

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Although several of the irate tweets sparked outrage from users who called for her to be fired, The Washington Post has yet to issue a public response.

The publication’s social media policy does however clearly prohibit employees from weighing in on matters that might reveal racial bias, stating, “Post journalists must refrain from writing, tweeting or posting anything – including photographs or video – that could objectively be perceived as reflecting political, racial, sexist, religious or other bias or favoritism.”

Monday morning, seemingly addressing the controversy, Attiah retweeted a message that said, “When I tweet something and then delete it, it’s not because I regret it,” along with the caption, “Same.”

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