GOP senators fail to advance COVID-19 relief bill

Not only did the Senate fail to pass a COVID-19 relief bill, but there is also no alternative in sight yet

Thousands of Americans are counting on the passing of a stimulus bill that could help support them financially due to the coronavirus’ impact on our economy. Republicans attempted to pass a bill that fell short a whopping 60 votes due to Democrats and even one Republican refusing the bill.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, brought the bill to the Senate floor in an attempt to show Republicans are focused on aiding Americans during this devastation. Once the bill failed to pass on Thursday, he had a strong message for the Democrats who opposed the bill.

“They can tell American families they care more about politics than helping them,” said McConnell, per CNBC.

But Democrats say the bill fell very short. According to CNBC Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, has strong words in regards to the relief bill Democrats view as lackluster. “It is beyond insufficient. It is completely inadequate,” said Schumer.

The Republican bill proposed a $300 increase in unemployment insurance, COVID-19 testing, cash into schools, and new small business loans. But Democrats would like to see a fuller package that would include an additional $1200 check made out to Americans, funds for mortgage and rent aid, assistants for state and local governments, and food aid.

Despite many Americans losing their jobs and being in jeopardy of homelessness, Congress has yet to pass another coronavirus aid package. And only Congress can pass relief because it manages federal spending. At this point, it is unclear if another bill will be proposed. Even Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is unsure of what the future holds, as reported by CNBC the secretary does not sound hopeful.

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“I don’t know, we’ll see. I hope there is,” said Mnuchin. “It’s important to a lot of people out there.”

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