Letitia Wright slammed for sharing anti-vaccine video

In a now-deleted tweet, Wright shared the 'COVID-19 Vaccine, Should We Take It?' video with a hands-in-prayer emoji.

Actress Letitia Wright is being slammed on Twitter after sharing a video called “COVID-19 Vaccine, Should We Take It?” 

The video originally aired on a YouTube channel called “On the Table.” In the footage, host Tomi Arayomi expresses skepticism about vaccines, particularly the forthcoming coronavirus vaccine. 

Letitia Wright attends last April’s Los Angeles world premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” at the Los Angeles Convention Center. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

In her now-deleted tweet, Wright shared the video with a hands-in-prayer emoji. 

As fellow Twitter users expressed concerns about the video, Wright responded. In one tweet, she wrote, “if you don’t conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for yourself….you get cancelled.” 

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One user replied to the original tweet, saying, “The concerns re: any vaccine are understandable, but we must work as a team, take this vaccine & put this pandemic behind us for good. I sincerely hope u understand what I’m trying to say here & please reconsider your stance on this matter. You’re making people upset.” 

“not my intention to make anyone upset,” Wright responded, “Nor am I saying don’t take it. I’m just concerned about what’s in it that’s all. Isn’t that fair to question or ask?”

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Fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Don Cheadle took Wright to task, saying he watched some of the video.

“jesus… just scrolled through. hot garbage. every time i stopped and listened, he and everything he said sounded crazy and fkkkd up,” he wrote. “i would never defend anybody posting this. but i still won’t throw her away over it. the rest i’ll take off twitter. had no idea.”

Activist and author Roxane Gay also replied to Wright, who is still trending on Twitter.

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“Thinking for yourself doesn’t mean you’re right,” wrote Gay. “And you aren’t canceled. But damn. Promoting anti-vaccine propaganda and shrouding it in intellectual curiosity is asinine. And dangerous.” 

Wright is expected to play a more prominent role in Black Panther 2 after the death of Chadwick Boseman. She is currently starring in the Steve McQueen film Small Axe. 

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