Twitter puts Dionne Warwick tweet on NYC billboard

Hers is among several tweets posted publicly in places like Philly and L.A. blasting 2020-related screeds.

Eighty-year-old Dionne Warwick becoming the breakout star of Twitter was probably not on your 2020 bingo card. 

Yet, here we are. 

The hilarious tweets of legendary singer Dionne Warwick have made their way to “Saturday Night Live,” and now Twitter is showing the iconic singer love by putting one of them up on a billboard in New York City. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Warwick’s hilarious tweets have made their way to Saturday Night Live, and now Twitter is showing the iconic singer love by putting one of them up on a billboard in New York City. Hers is among several tweets posted on billboards in places including Philadelphia, Los Angeles and the San Francisco/Oakland area blasting 2020-related Twitter screeds from influencers like Lauren LaBlue, Angie Thomas and Denzel Dion.

“Please do not bring that foolishness into 2021” is what’s amplified on the Warwick billboard. She posted the tweet on Dec. 11. 

The billboard went up in Bryant Park not long after Warwick noticed that Jack Dorsey, the head of the giant social media site, was one of her followers. A fan asked if Warwick was the CEO of Twitter, to which she replied, “Am I, @jack?” 

Dorsey replied, “Yes, you are.” 

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Warwick has been making recent Twitter-related headlines, but she joined the site in 2012. Many doubted she was the author of her hilarious tweets, but she posted a video that while her niece, Brittani Warwick, helped her get onto the site, the wisdom is her own. 

Brittani, a social media consultant, recently told Harper’s Bazaar that her Auntie Dionne is “perfect for Twitter. “

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She’s organic,” Brittani said. “She is herself unapologetically, but also everything that she does is with love, even if she’s putting you in your place a little bit. It’s all out of love. Twitter is the perfect place for that—that’s where she best resides.” 

Brittani told the outlet the rest of her family thinks Auntie Dionne’s antics on the social media site are hilarious. About those Twitter trolls, the younger Warwick dubbed her kin “a person that doesn’t need the coaching when it comes to standing up for herself. Either she’ll ignore it, or she’ll face you head-on. I’ve already seen her stand up for herself a few times, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you got it.'”

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Through her ramped-up social media engagement, a new generation of fans are being exposed to Dionne Warwick, her provocative personality and her decades of memorable music. 

Recently, she revealed that she wants the multi-talented Teyana Taylor to play her in a Netflix movie. Both Taylor and Netflix replied positively to the tweet. 

Additionally, it appears social media users can’t get enough of “Auntie Dionne’s” realness. In the short time since she’s become active on Twitter, Warwick has racked up over 370,000 followers.

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