Fox News dragged for suggesting Gen X can save America from cancel culture

Things did not go as planned for the media outlet after calling on Generation X, who collectively responded on Twitter

Generation X became a trending topic on Twitter after collectively clapping back against Fox News after the platform called on the generation to cancel, cancel culture.

Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner used a column published by the New York Post to rally support from Gen X against cancel culture. Written by author Matthew Hennessey, the article titled “Cancel culture is out of control — and Gen X is our only hope” explores the idea that those born between 1965 and 1980 can save society.

The featured image references J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, and Dumbo, who have all come under public critique for problematic behavior and or messages.

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“Here’s the thing: The situation with the millennials is getting way out of hand. Probably some of them are like us and think ruining a person’s life over a rumor that he once uttered a bad word is madness,” Hennessey wrote.

“Here’s why it has to be us. The Gen X childhood was built around a simple premise: The US wasn’t a perfect country, but living here beat the pants off life behind the Iron Curtain. Whatever else is wrong with America, people don’t lose their jobs because of their political views. We don’t rat on our neighbors when they criticize the government. Nobody has to worry about a visit from the secret police when they say rude things about certain sacred cows.”

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave the opinion piece to a large audience when he shared the work on his Twitter account. Cruz himself recently spoke out against the idea of cancel culture.

Business Insider reported the politician spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in February, and delivered a speech titled Bill of Rights, Liberty, and Cancel Culture. The theme of the conference itself was “America Uncanceled.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” he tweeted, sharing a link to the article.

Fox News, another frequent fighter against cancellation, also empowered the essay. However, it did not go as planned. Although Turner had probably hoped loyal Gen X’ers would rise to the challenge, the message fueled a Twitter storm of people calling out Baby Boomers’ hypocrisy.

Many recognized aspects of their upbringing that go against cancelation, declaring it a millennial generation product. Others simply wanted their generation left out of all arguments.

“Gen X is trending because Fox News thinks we are the ones who can kill cancel culture,” wrote one Twitter user. “Laughs in 2 Live Crew, NWA, and Sinead O’Connor.”

“No one wants to hear exactly why Gen X doesn’t give a f**k,” one user tweeted. “They might have to talk about the impact of a shared childhood of neglect & abuse plus targeted structural oppression on us & our mortality rate. It would get awkward really fast.”

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“When people say Gen X is the only hope against cancel culture,” wrote Stephen L. Miller, who added a still of Rorschach from the Watchmen movie delivering his infamous monologue.

One user brought up valid points when she tweeted, “Fox News: Gen X, please save us from cancel culture. Gen X *who grew up with their boomer parents who forbade them from hanging out with their gay or trans friends, tried to cancel the music they liked, hate on minorities, and tried to cancel sex ed*: ….”

She paired the tweeted with a clip of Sarah Silverman delivering a heartfelt “F*** you.”

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