Fox News’ Juan Williams says Tim Scott should become a Democrat

“By crossing over, he will give the Democrats a 51-vote majority in the Senate. They will reward him with leverage over pending legislation," Williams wrote of Sen. Scott.

Fox News analyst Juan Williams believes the best way for Republican Sen. Tim Scott to prove that America isn’t a racist country is to become a Democrat.

Scott offered the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress last month and asserted that America is not inherently racist. Williams penned an op-ed for The Hill in which he declared that Scott—who is the lone Black Republican— must rebuke white supremacists inspired by former President Donald Trump “or we risk becoming a racist country.”

Juan Williams Sen. Tim Scott
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“He can’t give it a free pass without facing the charge that he is being used to cover up racism in the party of Trump,” Williams wrote in the op-ed published Monday.

“By crossing over, he will give the Democrats a 51-vote majority in the Senate. They will reward him with leverage over pending legislation, specifically the police reform bill he is now working on.”

In April, the South Carolina senator told reporters that he was hopeful that Congress would pass a police reform bill in the aftermath of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of George Floyd. He expressed confidence that a sweeping bipartisan approach could be reached between the two parties and that while the verdict is not “a transformative moment in our justice system. I think we should see it as a serious step in the right direction.”

Williams insisted that Scott needed to do more than just consensus build or else blame would fall on his shoulders.

“By staying with the Republicans, Scott is in danger of becoming the fall guy, the Black Republican who looked the other way as the party continued its poor record on Black voter suppression and police brutality.”

Williams noted that despite Scott being forthcoming about discrimination, his fellow white Republican senators did not flock to support police reform.

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“Scott has personal experience of being treated unfairly by police. By his account, he was stopped by police — including seven times in one year, without good reason. But even with that personal testimony, Scott could not get enough Republican support for a bill to increase police accountability,” Williams continued.

“Democrats insisted that any bill end qualified immunity — the technical term for protecting police against lawsuits from people who claim abuse. Republicans refused.”

Senator Tim Scott
Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Williams maintained that passing police reform would help wipe the stain of Trump’s imprint on the Republican party and nation.

“A win for Scott on any police reform bill will be a first step in reversing the ugly racial divisiveness of the Trump era,” Williams declared.

“Trump attacked a Black Lives Matter sign as a “symbol of hate,” while always championing police. He saw people marching for racial justice as “thugs” and “anarchists,” as well as “terrorists.”

Williams argued that Scott would be well positioned to act now and give his current party any cover to “to escape responsibility for their racially polarizing policies.”

Scott hasn’t yet responded to the op-ed put forth by Williams that he become a Democrat, but Twitter weighed in on the suggestion.

“We don’t want him,” one user wrote.

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