New York man charged for participating in Capitol riot after bragging at dentist’s office

Daniel Warmus also allegedly played video footage he captured while inside the U.S. Capitol

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A New York man is now facing charges for participating in the January 6 Capitol riot in Washington DC after being overheard bragging about his involvement during an appointment at the dentist’s office.

According to NBC News, a Department of Justice court document revealed that only a week after the seize, the FBI received a tip that Daniel Warmus, of Alden, New York, had confessed to breaching the U.S. Capitol building. He went on to boast that he had celebrated by smoking marijuana while inside the federal building. 

During the incident, Warmus reportedly wore a sweatshirt that read “CNN is fake news” and a hat that said “Trump 2020” while carrying a “F— Antifa” flag.

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The tipster told the feds that Warmus was not only discussing his experience while at the dentist’s office, he also allegedly played video footage he captured while inside the U.S. Capitol. In addition, the informant had done their research and was able to provide Warmus’s telephone number, home address, and registered vehicles under his name.

A search warrant issued for Warmus’ cellphone records confirmed his phone had “utilized a cell site consistent with providing service to a geographic area that included the interior” of the Capitol. According to the complaint, the records also matched his phone model and equipment serial number.

In this Jan. 6, 2021 file photo insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump riot outside the Capitol in Washington. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

According to the Department of Justice, Warmus was arrested in Buffalo and charged with “violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or without authority, and knowingly with the intent to impede and the orderly conduct of government.”

He is now scheduled to appear next week in the D.C. district court.

Warmus’ attorney, Daniel DuBois, said their defense team was “looking forward to all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the events of January 6th coming to light.”

Hiding in plain sight

Warmus isn’t the first Capitol riot attendee whose gotten in trouble for a lack of discretion.

As theGrio previously reported, a rapper who traveled from Sandston, Virginia, to the U.S. Capitol to shoot a music video is now facing federal charges for appearing at the deadly insurrection. 

Antionne DeShaun Brodnax aka ‘Bugzie the Don’ reportedly told investigators that he was only in the area to shoot a video — and he went to the Capitol after noticing Trump’s Stop the Steal rally and seeing hordes of supporters heading toward the building.

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According to court documents acquired by The Washington Post, Brodnax claims he followed them because he wanted to take photos and video.

He subsequently used a photo of himself posing on a SWAT truck with insurrectionists storming the building behind him as the cover for his album The Capital. Tipsters reportedly sent the image to federal agents, and Brodnax was slapped with four federal charges.  

Brodnax was arrested on March 11 — days after he released his album — on charges including unlawful entry and disorderly conduct. The feds are now trying to gain access to his social media accounts, which Brodnax’s attorney is fighting. 

The rapper said he spent about 40 minutes walking around inside the Capitol building taking “pictures and videos of the architecture,” according to court documents. He denies entering any offices or chambers, stealing, or participating in violence.

He is seen on video asking a woman to take a picture of him sitting on the base of a statue of agronomist Norman Borlaug inside the National Statuary Hall. Friends reportedly contacted Brodnax while was inside the Capitol building and said they spotted him on a CNN broadcast. 

Photo: Twitter

“Brodnax followed the crowd to the United States Capitol Building and entered the building after United States Capitol Police moved the gates that blockaded the door,” the affidavit said.

Brodnax is among more than 400 people who have been charged for the attack on the Capitol in January. Two months after the riot, he released his album The Capital on Spotify and Apple Music. His attorney is trying to block DOJ search warrants to retrieve deleted posts from the rapper’s social media accounts, saying that the move violates Brodnax’s constitutional rights.

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