NBA’s Seth Curry, wife Callie Rivers Curry expecting second child

The couple have already have a three-year-old daughter, Carter Lynn Curry.

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Philadelphia 76ers player Seth Curry and wife Callie Rivers Curry have baby number two on the way!

Rivers Curry, daughter of NBA coach Doc Rivers, announced the happy news on Instagram Monday with a stunning black-and-white photo of her baby bump, accompanied by the caption: ‘dos.’ Last year, she opened up about parenting and her marriage to Seth in a sit-down interview with E! News. At the time, the NBA had just revealed its decision to finish its 2019-2020 season by having players and their loved ones confined to a bubble to offset COVID-19 concerns.

Rivers Curry admitted she was among those who were skeptical about the plan to keep approximately 300 players from the league’s top 22 teams sequestered in Orlando’s Walt Disney World for up to three months.

“I truly did not think it was going to work,” the mother of then two-year-old daughter Carter Lynn Curry admitted. “I thought he would probably be gone for, like, five days and there would be too many positive tests, and he would be back. But obviously, I was wrong.”

“Then after the first week, I was like, ‘Wow, this is going to be a very long time,'” she said.

Being born into one major basketball family and marrying into another prepared Rivers Curry for juggling her husband’s hectic travel schedule during NBA seasons with the demands of motherhood.  

“I’m super lucky that I have parents—well my dad is also in the bubble—but my mom is out…and Seth’s parents are out,” she explained of her support system at the height of the pandemic. “I just can’t imagine having multiple kids, or having multiple kids and not having help.”

As a member of the philanthropic National Basketball Wives Association, Rivers Curry acknowledged that she was “extremely thankful for how the NBA has handled it and made it super safe for the guys to be there,” thanking the league for doing “an insanely good job.”

She sent Seth a care package with the box decorated with original artwork by Carter and the two-year-old’s tiny handprint. She also noted that the couple has relied heavily on technology to stay connected as a family during the pandemic.

“I don’t know if anyone even uses Snapchat anymore, but we but we use it a lot and so I’ve been sending him tons of videos and pictures of stuff that she does throughout the day,” she said. “I’m at my mom’s and we live on a lake and there’s a pool, so [Carter is] learning more how to swim, she feeds the ducks every morning.”

Seth has “probably seen her feed the ducks like, 20 times at this point. But I would rather send him more than not enough, so that he knows everything that’s happening throughout the day,” she said.

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