‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’: Jen Shah flees as Homeland Security descends

Fans finally got to see the footage of the day Jen Shah was arrested in March 2021.

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was one for the record books. After weeks of anticipation, fans finally got a raw glimpse of footage from the day of Jen Shah‘s infamous arrest.

In The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s impressive freshman year, the city had all of the components that make “housewives” shows successful: fabulous women, lavish lifestyles, buzz-worthy fashions and more. No one could have predicted the series would also earn its stripe with another popular Housewives trope: alleged criminal behavior.

RHOSLC made national headlines when Shah was indicted and arrested in a federal telemarketing fraud case. From her fleeing the scene to her castmates putting the pieces together in real time, here are some of the biggest takeaways from last night’s two hour installment.

Screengrab via YouTube: Page Six
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Bravo)

A trip to Vail

The most exciting (and shocking) part of the turn of events is the fact that the women were mostly all together on the day of the arrest, as they were set to leave for a cast trip to Vail, Colo. The trip was hosted by Meredith Marks, who has found herself at odds with Shah consistently throughout the series.

While Marks and Mary M. Cosby had their own rides, the rest of the women (Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Jennie Nguyen and Whitney Rose) all met in front of Gay’s med spa in a shuttle, along with a camera crew and a slew of producers (of course).

Mics off, please

All seemed to be business as usual when the women piled onto the bus until Shah got an alarming and suspicious phone call. Shah immediately asked Rose to unplug her microphone before heading outside of the bus. The audience was not able to hear the other end of the call.

Shah then told the women that her husband, Sharrieff Shah, was in a grave medical condition and that she had to go be with him. She shared with Gay and the rest of the women, “I just a phone call and Sharrieff Sr.’s in the hospital, he has internal bleeding, so I need to go.” While the women offered to stay with her in Salt Lake City, she told them to go ahead, moments before she sped away in her aunt’s truck.

Heather Gay confronts Jen Shah / BravoTV.com

Enter Homeland Security

Moments after Shah sped away and the women prepared to leave for the trip, police and Homeland Security officers arrived on the scene, completely stunning the women. Naturally, they had no idea what is going on, with some of them assuming Shah was simply throwing a prank on them. The footage seemingly catches it all — producers complying with the authorities, telling them what Shah said and when she left the scene. Gay left the vehicle and gave the authorities all the information she knew, explaining to them, “She left here, she’s on the phone…she got in the car, took her bag and said that her husband had internal bleeding and she was headed straight to the hospital and she didn’t want me to stay with her.”

A major cliffhanger

The episode ended as the women began to question Shah, with Bravo’s classic “To Be Continued” message flashing on screen. While fans have been praising the episode on social media, Andy Cohen revealed on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen Sunday night that next week’s episode is, in his opinion, “maybe top 5 of any housewives episode” he has ever seen.

Cohen said the incident takes place over 8 to 10 hours, specifically following the van ride with the other women. Barlow was also in attendance, and revealed fans should be prepared to get all of the women’s “raw emotions.”

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