Chris Brown under investigation for battery against two women

The investigation comes after one of the alleged victims sued Brown for $20 million

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Chris Brown is under investigation for two separate battery incidents involving two women in Miami over a year ago.

As reported by Uproxx, one of the alleged victims claims she was assaulted on Dec. 30, 2020, on a yacht “docked near Diddy’s home,” the Miami Beach Police confirmed. The woman claims she was “drugged and raped” by Brown. In January, it was reported that she initiated a $20 million dollar lawsuit related to the alleged attack. 

Chris Brown
Chris Brown at SOMETHING IN THE WATER (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Something in the Water)

The second alleged victim was at the same yacht party but claims she was sexually assaulted by Brown the following day after she and a friend were invited to his hotel suite. Per the police report, while there, the woman says Brown shoved two of his fingers that were coated in a white powdery substance into her mouth. She then blacked out for several hours and woke up in the suite without her cell phone. Her female companion was also gone. 

The investigation into both women’s claims comes after the first woman sued Brown for $20 million. TheGrio previously reported that when this woman, who is a choreographer, dancer, model, and recording artist, said she met Brown at the yacht party, he served her a mixed drink from the kitchen and “offered her tips about starting a career in the music industry.”

It was at that point the woman said Brown, 32, gave her a second drink and she became “disoriented, physically unstable,” slipping in and out of consciousness. She then says the singer took her into a bedroom on the yacht where he prevented her from leaving and also raped her, according to Yahoo News.

The woman claims Brown called and told her to take Plan B, an oral contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, just one day after he allegedly ejaculated inside of her. According to TMZ, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, the victim’s lawyers, acknowledged that she took the Plan B pill but was too embarrassed to report the alleged rape to authorities at the time of the incident.

Brown addressed the $20 million dollar lawsuit on Instagram, claiming that it was a “pattern of cap” (in case you’re unaware, “cap” means = lie).

“I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [cap]. Whenever im releasing music or projects, “THEY” try to pull some real bullshit,” Brown wrote. 

The Miami Beach Police Department is investigating both battery allegations. Brown is also embattled in a copyright infringement case for “No Guidance,” his 2019 collaboration with Drake.

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