Talking ‘Love and Marriage’ with reality stars Maurice and Kimmi Scott

The 'Love and Marriage: Huntsville' co-stars tell theGrio what makes their decade-long romance work.

This is a continuation of theGrio’s “Mighty Love” series, running through February. Read our first couple’s story here.

When Love and Marriage: Huntsville returns for a fourth season in March, we expect a healthy amount of relationship drama from its Alabama-based cast—it’s why we tune in. But one union that remains solid as a rock is that of Maurice and Kimmi Scott, who married on camera during the series’ first season, marking a new milestone in their then seven-year relationship. As theGrio’s celebration of Black History Month has also been a celebration of Black love, the Scotts, now together a full decade, graciously sat down with us for a candid discussion about love, marriage, and commitment.

For her part, Kimmi admits marriage is different than she anticipated. “I really led myself to believe it was going to be very easy. And it’s not been very easy,” she shared. “There’s some days that are difficult days where you have to compromise and meet in the middle and you stay committed because you’re committed, you know, and it’s not because you’re just so happy-go-lucky…it’s because you’re committed. And that was a that was a turn for me. That was learning for me because I thought I was getting married to have fun.”

While the marriage is Kimmi’s first, Maurice had been married prior, which admittedly left him a bit jaded when it came to the potential challenges of commitment. In Kimmi, he found a partner who not only challenged him but expanded his idea of what commitment could look like.

“You know, she was stuck in her ways about certain things, and I was kind of stuck in my ways,” he said. “And I think that it brought her a level of success and taught me how to appreciate her side as well. So I think growth, from my perspective, is being committed past [any] problems.”

Hear more of our conversation with Maurice and Kimmi Scott in our video above—and tune in to Love and Marriage: Huntsville when it returns to OWN on March 19.

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