Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard welcomes baby son via adoption

The Grammy-winning gospel singer and husband Kenneth's new son is named Asher.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard has a new son. The gospel singer and her husband, music producer Kenneth Leonard, announced that they have welcomed a baby boy, Asher, through adoption.

Although they gained their new addition over eight months ago, the two are finally disclosing details about the expansion of their family.

The Leonards were trying to conceive a child for a long time, according to PEOPLE, though difficulties with infertility and in vitro fertilization made things hard for the couple.

“We were trying to kind of figure out which ways would make it work and throughout going throughout it, all of those ways ended up not working for us. And our faith was tested,” Kenneth said. “One of the things that I’m really happy for is that at the end of that process, our hearts were still open to God doing this, how he chose to do it. It really strengthened our faith, looking back, God really kept his promise to us.”

The Grammy-winning gospel star said the struggle to conceive was met with much “disappointment,” but when they turned to adoption as an option, she and Kenneth had a “beautiful” experience, thanks to an “amazing” agency.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Tasha Cobbs Leonard (Photo Credit: JD Barnes)

A birth mother was placed with the Leonards one month before her due date and baby Asher came home with them following his birth.

“Asher means happy. His middle name means chosen by God and he literally lives up to his name,” Tasha said. “He wakes up laughing. He’s laughing all day unless he’s asleep. He loves to play.”

With a new addition to their family, Cobbs Leonard hopes that her story is inspiring for other couples.

“If you have faith for something, if you’re believing for something, don’t ever give up on it,” Tasha said. “I know even in the last two or three years, it’s been hard to walk in faith because so many people have gone through so much. But we want our story to show, that even in the last two years, God is still working on the promises that he’s given us.

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