PCs for People, AT&T partner to provide laptops, tech training in Baltimore area

The company made a $2 billion, 3-year commitment to address the digital divide

AT&T is committed to helping close the digital divide in underserved communities. 

The world’s largest telecommunications company has contributed $500,000 to PCs for People in Baltimore to provide free access to digital tools and digital skills training for low-income students, families, and adults in Baltimore and across Maryland. 

The move is part of AT&T’s “$2 billion, 3-year commitment to address the digital divide through investments in digital literacy tools, education resources, broadband technology, low-cost internet service, and computers, to help today’s learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom,” the company said in a news release

“We’re happy to support PCs for People to help bridge the digital divide for Marylanders by equipping them with both the digital resources, skills, and expertise they need to succeed today and tomorrow,” said Denis Dunn, president, AT&T Maryland, in a statement

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The PCs for People Maryland provides under-resourced individuals and nonprofits with low-cost computers and affordable broadband internet. Per the non-profit’s website, “we serve, we have provided 155,000 people with home computers, connected 165,000 people to low-cost internet.”

As part of AT&T’s $500,000 commitment, the funding launched a tech internship program for students and a digital skill-building program for young adults who earn their NAID certifications. 

“Closing the digital divide is a top priority for Baltimore and my administration, and it will require broad and diverse support and investments to realize this goal,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott in a statement.

“A student needs more than a reliable broadband connection and a computer to learn at home. They need educational content that helps them get the most out of their broadband connection,” said Charlene Lake, chief sustainability officer, senior vice president, AT&T corporate responsibility, ESG. 

The AT&T Connected Learning initiative was launched in 2021 as part of a company-wide effort to help bridge the digital divide and homework gap for students. 

“That’s why we created a platform that connects familiar faces from WarnerMedia with engaging lessons and learning activities from leading education experts. The Achievery, created by AT&T, can excite students about learning in a home environment in a way that can drive greater educational achievement,” said Lake. 

Mayor Scott noted in a statement that “Expanding access and opportunity for Baltimore residents, especially our young people, is critical to the success of our city in the future. This new partnership between PCs for People and AT&T is helping to ensure Baltimore’s students and families can engage in the digital world and benefit from the promises of virtual learning, remote work, and telehealth.”

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