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Frustrated by dating apps and a lack of options, a Black woman founded a dating app for Black women.
/ September 20, 2023
A song featuring AI-generated vocals was submitted for the Grammys this week, just the latest example of AI infiltrating the music business.
/ September 8, 2023
Google will soon require that political ads using artificial intelligence be accompanied by a prominent disclosure if imagery or sounds…
/ September 8, 2023
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Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, tattoo artist to Rihanna and LeBron James, has partnered with nanoengineer Carson Bruns on a “smart ink.”
YouTube racial discrimination
Nine Black users said YouTube violated a legal responsibility to offer race-neutral content moderation, limiting their videos more than whites.
/ August 18, 2023
Nichelle Lewis will star in the national tour of “The Wiz” this fall, then debut on Broadway next year as Dorothy, the show’s heel-clicking heroine.
/ August 14, 2023
S.T.E.M., The Rise: Color of S.T.E.M., HBCUs and S.T.E.M., Black S.T.E.M. students, Black women in S.T.E.M., Virginia State University, theGrio
Blaise Davenport is a recent graduate from VSU, where she majored in  computer information systems and minored in cybersecurity and forensics. 
/ August 3, 2023