Zendaya ends up in stitches after kitchen catastrophe

Zendaya revealed an accidental injury to her index finger required a trip to the ER—and vows she's 'back to never cooking again.'

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In theory, cooking a delicious at-home meal should be doable for most people. However, the reality is, everyone isn’t gifted in the culinary arts—a lesson 2020 Emmy history-maker Zendaya (who recently made history again as a three-time 2022 nominee) learned the hard way when a kitchen mishap led to her needing stitches! 

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

According to People magazine, on Wednesday, the Euphoria star posted several pictures to her Instagram Stories to show off a heavily bandaged index finger, apparently caused by cutting herself in the kitchen. The 25-year-old captioned the story: “See now…this is why I don’t cook.” While the story has since expired, Entertainment Tonight reposted the images, capturing the bandaged finger, emergency room visit, and all.

In her Instagram Story, Zendaya also included blurry selfies with assistant Darnell Appling. In one, the star’s injured finger points upward at the caption, “Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again.” In playful roast about the situation, Appling captioned his own selfie, “Never a dull moment with @zendaya no pun intended,” adding, “Dear God, help me keep this little heffa safe cause she clumsy as hell.” 

Despite the minor injury to both her finger and dignity, many fans might’ve found it a moment to connect with the megastar on a more relatable level. After all, while cooking has long been connected to domesticity—and to some misguided minds, a woman’s “worthiness”—it’s simply a skill some people have and others don’t, regardless of gender. While Zendaya is a multitalented icon who has plenty on her plate, it looks like, at least for now, cooking is her kryptonite. 

This incident may have resulted in Zendaya’s first set of stitches, but as Appling noted, it’s hardly her first clumsy public moment—even this year. In February, the actress was caught on camera tripping and falling during a visit to Rome, Italy. Fortunately, when the actress looked back on the viral ordeal, she saw the humor, posting her own Instagram Story after the video began trending with the caption: “I can’t stop laughing… did they really have to take a video of me tripping?”

Whether it’s accidentally cutting her index finger or tripping and falling, the ever-so-graceful Zendaya reminds fans that she, just like everyone else, isn’t perfect.

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