Take a time out at a Black-owned spa for much-needed R&R this holiday season.

Black-owned spas are popping up all over the country—and with a hectic holiday season upon us, here are a few to visit now.

The last quarter of the year can be daunting. The process of tying up loose ends and hitting your yearly and fourth-quarter goals, along with holiday shopping and emotions, can stress you out. However, with so much on our plates, none of us have the bandwidth for the “winter blues” this year, which is why we urge you to take a trip to a Black-owned spa this season—or gift one.

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Spa time is self-care time, which naturally induces much-needed restoration and healing. From massages that release built-up pressure and tension in your body to salt scrubs that renew the skin, a spa day could be the pick-me-up you or a loved one needs to get through a hectic holiday season. 

For added motivation, various Black-owned spas have been popping up all over the U.S. If you have ever been in the meticulous hands of a black esthetician, you likely already understand it’s one thing to get a care service; but when said service is done by educated practitioners who look like you and may have similar social, emotional, and bodily experiences, the care tends to be supreme. The sense of safety and pride lifts your spirits even more. 

So without further ado, check out this list of Black-owned spas across the U.S. to get or give that much-needed R&R that will physically and mentally put you in a better place. 

Spa at Salamander Resort

Take a trip to Washington, D.C to not only visit historical monuments but indulge in the Spa at Salamander Resort just minutes away in Middleburg, Va. Owned by the first African American billionaire, Sheila Johnson — also the co-founder of BET— this spa is one of the wonders of the industry, known for its grand opulence and 5-star service. We recommend the Fall Rebalancing Seasonal Treatment

Melanated Beauty Spa

You will find plenty of clubs and restaurants in Miami, but surprisingly, one thing it is a little short on is spas. Accordingly, when Haitian-raised Maghan Morin opened Melanated Beauty Spa in the Miami area, she checked all the boxes, making sure it was an inclusive beauty reserve for all people but especially Black women. If in the area, check out the MBSM Wood Therapy treatment, the best rubdown for dealing with cellulite and stubborn fat in acute areas. 

Cookie Wash V-Spa

Have you heard of a V-Spa? Fairly new to the states, V-spas are wellness centers that focus on the health of the lady parts and feminine hygiene. Owner Starr Dawkins is no stranger to this; using her social media influence and Sweet Cookie Wash product line, Starr opened up a V-Spa in Lauderhill, Fla, the first of its kind. Cookie Wash V-Spa offers services such as Brazilian waxes and v-steams for women looking for some proper private pampering. 

Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa

You’ve no doubt heard of farm-to-table, but have you heard of farm-to-skin? That’s where Atlanta’s Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa comes in as an industry disruptor. Founded by Yolanda Owens, also known as “Yogi The Skin Care Farmer,’’ Iwi, which stands for “it is what it is,” is a game-changing retreat spa. Advancing beyond simple services, Iwi teaches you how to truly relax in the garden by spending time and unwinding with the freshest herbs, plants, fruits, and veggies in retreat areas. Check the spa’s calendar to attend one of its parties where group stretching and affirmation sessions fill up your being with light. 

The Mansion at Noble Lane

Owned by Monique Greenwood, the spa at The Mansion at Noble Lane in Bethany, Pa., also known as YOUtopia, is one of the best Black-owned spas for rebalancing mind, body, and spirit. As one of five properties Greenwood owns and operates, the spa caters to people of color’s needs, offering the best services for not only complexion but for peace of mind. Been curious about reiki? Check out this service at YOUtopia. 


Raleigh, N.C. has a gem on its hands in the SkinFluent Spa. As a premier luxury skin spa, its list of services not only involves different types of facials but non-invasive cosmetic services like eyebrow tinting and eyelash extensions as well. When in the Carolinas, stop by Skinfluent.

Poppi’s Spa & Lounge 

Tulsa, Okla. has been picking up foot traffic due to the rising awareness of its history and tourist attractions; when in town, visiting Poppi’s Spa & Lounge should be on your list of things to do. Featuring amenities like a salt room and infrared sauna available at affordable prices, we recommend the day pass, which will grant access to these enticing areas without the hassle of choosing a preferred service at the time.

Zamariya Spa of Africa

With an extensive background in muscle dysfunction, Anita Dereen opened up Zamariya Spa of Africa in Charlotte, N.C. as a healing oasis. A standout service is Zamariya’s African Safari 60, a neuromuscular therapy offering in the form of a deep medical massage that can tune you up. You will not regret it!

Spa at the Ivy

If you are truly tuned in to the beauty and wellness business, you may have heard of Spa at the Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, Md. One of the most renowned Black-owned spas in the country, Ivy is luxury and prestige bottled into high-end body rituals and treatments. Located in the chic nine-bedroom hotel, this spa offers body rituals like the Ultimate Zen, an intense 120-minute body wrapping exfoliation that leaves you glistening for days. Head to Ivy Baltimore for more. 

Art of Balance Wellness Spa

Doctors Nia Banks and Aderonke Omotade were med school friends who had a meeting of the minds in creating a wellness spa accessible to all people regardless of gender or age — and the rest is history. Art of Balance Wellness Spa in Baltimore’s Ritz-Carlton offers everything from injectables and fillers to the best of facials, peels, and massages one can get in the DMV, making it one of the holy grails not only of the area but in the entire spa industry. 

Koffee Day Spa 

After working as a celebrity esthetician for over 20 years, Thai Morrison opened Koffee Day Spa in Dallas. Understanding that ideal skin is not achieved by a one-size-fits-all mandate, Thai opened Koffee Day Spa where clients’ needs are customized via facials and massages to get the desired results. 

Luxury Lotus Spa 

One common skin issue people of color are often trying to combat is hyperpigmentation due to acne scarring, a specialty at Luxury Lotus Spa in Tampa, Fla. Owner Esther Nelson opened up Luxury Lotus with a “cut-to-the-chase” ethos, honing in on problematic areas to clear stubborn complexion issues.

Essential Body Bar Houston

Houston is known for its vibrancy, but it can also be a great R&R destination if you stop by Essential Body Bar. Founded and owned by Letrice Mason, a family practitioner, Essential Body Bar is a dreamchild of emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness with life-changing offerings.

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