Let it go, feel the burn: theGrio Fit is here to support your 2023 fitness goals

While weight loss isn't on everyone’s list of resolutions, staying active should be, and theGrio Fit can help you meet those 2023 fitness goals!

If you’re reading this, fitness is likely high on your list of goals for 2023—and whether that includes losing weight, maintaining your current weight, or just getting healthier, activity is indisputably a key component to sustainable success. This year, theGrio Fit is here to help with a series of tips, exercises, and quick routines that will help keep you going long after most resolutions have expired.

While exercise is at theGrio Fit’s core, we believe body positivity isn’t exclusive to any particular body type — it’s about whatever makes us feel positive about the bodies we’re in. Sometimes, that means letting go of any extra weight that doesn’t serve our needs or personal goals. If that’s true for you, we’ve got some tips on the best exercises to help fuel your motivation and metabolism, above.

But be clear: contrary to popular belief, good health isn’t weight-specific. Heart health, balanced blood sugar, and cholesterol levels should be something we all stay aware of — and whatever your fitness level, everyone can benefit from cardiovascular activity. Using the treadmill or Stairmaster is accessible for all levels; we’re sharing insights on how both can boost your physical and mental health, below.

Eager to learn more and get moving? TheGrio Fit will be here to continue cheering you on throughout the month of January, checking in with you each Wednesday with more tips to help you tackle those 2023 fitness goals and keep moving for years to come. So stay tuned, and tone up!

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