Protests continue demanding justice for Shanquella Robinson

Activists will gather on April 26 at the intersection of Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Community activists in Charlotte, North Carolina, continue demanding justice for Shanquella Robinson, the 25-year-old woman who died while on vacation with friends in San José del Cabo, Mexico.

Demonstrators will gather on April 26 at the intersection of Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle Street for a third time in recent weeks. They are coming together to protest U.S. authorities’ decision to not federally prosecute the person suspected of killing Robinson, The Charlotte Observer reports. 

Shanquella Robinson
(Photo: Courtesy of family of Shanquella Robinson)

As reported previously on theGrio, citing The Associated Press, Robinson’s case gained mainstream media traction last fall after a viral video showed her viciously attacked by one of her traveling companions. Her tragic death occurred in October in a Mexican resort. As the disturbing video circulated on social media, many quickly concluded that Robinson suffered fatal injuries caused by one of her so-called “friends.”

The footage prompted the FBI and Mexican authorities to open investigations into Robinson’s mysterious death. However, the Department of Justice announced earlier this month that there was insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal charges.

Mexico reportedly issued an arrest warrant for the suspect seen in the video beating Robinson, but it is unclear whether the United States received the extradition request.

In the meantime, Robinson’s supporters and community members will gather in Charlotte on Wednesday at 4 p.m. to call for the extradition of the suspect to Mexico, according to The Charlotte Observer. The woman in the video attacking Robinson is apparently the individual at the center of the case.

U.S. authorities have not released her name.

Million Youth March’s founder, Mario Black, said Robinson “was a part of our community and her life mattered.”

“We all should be just as angry with this as we are when we have protests and when a white (police) officer kills a Black individual,” Black added. 

Black organized the march in Charlotte. He calls for supporters to show solidarity with Robinson’s family using the hashtag #JusticeforShanquellaRobinson on social media. 

“Join the fight to keep her name alive,” Black said, according to The Charlotte Observer. 

The Robinson family and their attorneys organized a march Washington, D.C., on May 19, to demand diplomatic intervention in the case. The time and location is still unknown, The Charlotte Observer reports. 

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