Watch: theGrio Top 3 | What are the Top 3 worst dating tips someone has given you?

Not all advice is good advice. Listen is as two millennials share the worst dating tips they’ve received from other people.

Just because someone gives you advice, doesn’t mean you should take it to heart. Especially in the love department. Listen in as millennials Chelsea LeMore-Monroe and Jahliel Thurman share the worst dating tips they’ve received from other people. 

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Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: What are the top three worst dating tips someone has given you? 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: No. 1. Forgive him.

Jahliel Thurman: You can’t forgive him? Why not? I heard it was forgive, but don’t forget.

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: I think that sometimes, especially as women, we are programmed more to forgive men than they are to forgive us. We’re forced to accept things and just move forward. It’s a societal thing. You just got to, like, cut it. So forgive him. It is No. 1. 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: The second, when it comes to worst dating advice is caring about what others think. 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: And so, like my mom, I love her. She’s a hairstylist. She cares a lot about image. But I don’t think you should base your dating decisions upon what others would say, especially if you’re doing something that is healthy and happy for you. So yeah, that’s No. 2.

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: And then lastly, the worst dating advice I ever received. Whew, y’all are going to learn something new about me. 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: I dated someone who was in jail. I met their cousin. I was friends with their cousin. She’s like, “Oh, he’s a really great guy.” But it was like love after lockup. And it’s like, I have this gut feeling of, like, I shouldn’t do this. And I didn’t listen to it. And he’s not a bad person, it just wasn’t a great situation.

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: And so the worst dating advice was allowing someone to influence my decision that I felt like kind of was off to me anyway.

Jahliel Thurman: That’s fair. OK, that’s fair. 

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: I put the cards on the table, literally.

Jahliel Thurman: Here’s my cards. OK. All right.

Jahliel Thurman: First one. When I think about the worst dating advice, I would say to not look at a relationship like business.

Jahliel Thurman: I think that relationships have an emotional attachment. But I think they’re also business decisions. You know what I’m saying? Like, you know, what is credit? What is income, whether it’s, you know, their own family traumas, what they got going on. When you look at businesses, right. Businesses when they partner together are equally beneficial.

Jahliel Thurman: And I don’t think sometimes people really look at that, you know, like perspective right outside of the emotional side. How does this make sense for me in a business and make sure that we have a successful business? Because that’s important for longevity. 

Jahliel Thurman: Another one is telling women what to do.

Chelsea LeMore-Monroe: I like where this is going.

Jahliel Thurman: I think that, you know, women, from what I understand about women, I mean, I’m not a woman, so I wouldn’t know everything. Women do want to be feminine, right? And women do want to allow their partner to lead. But I think it’s the way you go about it, right? 

Jahliel Thurman: You can’t be too aggressive, too dominant, like, have those features, but don’t overdo it. 

Jahliel Thurman: You know, when I was a little whippersnapper someone told me not date older women.

Jahliel Thurman: I felt like it was cool, right. But I’m going to leave it there.

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