‘SuperFest’: Howie Mandel dishes on some of his favorite career moments

The following is a transcript of the video shown below featuring John Kelley and Howie Mandel. The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Following the “Byron Allen’s Presents The Comedy & Music SuperFest,” Allen Media Group’s John Kelley discussed the event, and much more, Howie Mandel. The variety show, which was filmed in February, is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. ET Monday (tonight) on theGrio Cable Network.

Below is a transcript of the conversation.

John Kelley [00:00:00] For you, what are some of your greatest memories that you think about on these variety shows you’ve appeared on? 

Howie Mandel [00:00:04] My hair. 

Kelley [00:00:06] You had some great hair, by the way. 

John Kelley (left) ponders on Howie Mandel’s (right) memories in his long standing career (credit: theGrio)

Mandel [00:00:08] I did. And I used to go on a show and go, “Tonight I’m going to part it in the middle. And tomorrow’s show, I’m going to part it on the left. I’m a part it on the right,” and now I’m. I’m just parting it everywhere. 

Kelley [00:00:19] Aside from the hair, or maybe lack thereof now– what do you remember most? What are some of the things or moments? Is there a certain one that stood out that you remember – kind of that crowd crashing down on your ears and having a moment for one of these variety shows? 

Mandel [00:00:29] Jack Jones had a show live at the Palace, and I did like ‘The Midnight Express,’ and there were shows on late at night on Friday and Saturday night that had groups and comedians, and they were shooting in clubs in Hollywood rather than soundstages. And it was just so exciting that live audience. Performing in front of a live audience – it’s just fun. 

Kelley [00:00:50] Talk about the lineup tonight. Some of these comics. This is big time tonight. 

Mandel explains the beauty of a variety show (credit: theGrio)

Mandel [00:00:54] There is something for everybody. And that’s the beauty of variety. You know, we all have different tastes and likes. If you’re watching this show and you are not engaged for 3 minutes or a minute and a half, wait another minute and a half, boom, there’s somebody else. And, you know, people like Kenan, and Cedric, and Earth, Wind and Fire– you know, I was Earth, Wind and Fire’s opening act on the Pyramid Tour. 

Kelley [00:01:16] Is that right? 

Mandel [00:01:17] In 1980 or 1979. 

Kelley [00:01:20] And you were going city to city with these guys? 

Mandel [00:01:22] One city. And then I got fired. But still. Still. That’s actually true. 

Kelley [00:01:27] Okay! 

Mandel [00:01:27] I did! Toronto, in Toronto, Canada, at Maple Leaf Gardens. They didn’t like me. But I mean, I got to just warm up a crowd for Earth, Wind & Fire. And here I am 45 years later, and my career’s in the exact same place. But, I love Earth, Wind & Fire and Toni Braxton and John Legend. Everybody’s a superstar in their own right. 

Kelley [00:01:46] It’s beautiful. Congratulations. Thanks for being here, man. 

Mandel [00:01:48] You’re welcome. It’s a real treat to have me. 

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