Watch: Grio Top 3 | What are the top 3 Black sports movies?

Go team, go! Listen in as Grio Top 3 hosts break down some of the best films surrounding sports.

Whether it be the Super Bowl half-time show or the NBA finals, sports have a way of unifying family and friends. So of course, sports films hold a special place in our hearts. These movies teach us the true meaning of teamwork, selflessness, determination, love and more. Listen as Grio Top 3 hosts Jahliel Thurman and Dozie Ezemma name some of their favorite Black sports films.


Thurman: What are the top three Black films in sports?

Thurman: Any character that could’ve been playing a sport. 

Thurman: Now I’m going to go with a classic. I’m sure you’re going to feel me on this one. 

Thurman: I’m going to go with a classic. I’m going to go with “Remember the Titans.” 

Ezemma: OK. Alright. 

Thurman: You know with Denzel, what he did for the culture. Dealing with segregation. Bringing the players together. 

Ezemma: And the football in there. That’s my sport.

Thurman: There were so many different levels to this movie, man. That is one for sure.

Ezemma: Good pick. Good pick. 

Thurman: Next, I’m going to go with a classic that stole everyone’s heart. “Love & Basketball.”

Ezemma: Not the romance.

Thurman: I had to go with the romance. You know why? You know I used to do that at the crib.

Ezemma: You were playing for shawty’s hearts? 

Thurman: Yeah! If you want to call it hearts. 

Thurman: And you know what? I’m going to throw a curveball in there. One you’re not even going to think about because there are so many sports films, but I’m going to go “Like Mike.”

Ezemma: Really? Bow Wow?

Thurman: “Like Mike”! Yeah yeah!

Ezemma: I’ll give you that. That was interesting.

Thurman: That was a curve in there. I didn’t want to go typical. So I said let me give you a different one. 

Ezemma: My first one, right. This is our guy. Jamie Foxx with “Any Given Sunday.”

Thurman: Come on! Come on!

Ezemma: Black cast! Black squad.Black everything! And you know it’s football, too.

Ezemma: No. 2, “Coach Carter.” The movie was legendary. He did his thing. 

Ezemma: No. 3, Black movies. I’m going to go with something new. “Creed.” 

Thurman: I like “Creed.”

Ezemma: You know what I’m saying. It was a spinoff. Michael B. did his thing. 

Thurman: I like that. 

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