BlackMade: Ashlee Muhammad on changing the world one self-esteem at a time with BeEyeConic

"I think that that love of self is the only thing that's really going to carry us through," Ashlee Muhammad says

BlackMade is a video series by theGrio that highlights the journey and success of Black entrepreneurs.

Ashlee Muhammad, 37, is a woman who wears many hats: that of a mother, wife, stylist and creator. She founded BeEyeConic, a self-love brand that she describes as a “love letter to the world.”

The brand’s collection ranges from sweatsuits, windbreakers and hats, among other items. With the platform, Muhammad strives to make people feel good on the outside as well as within.

Encouraging others to embrace what they see as “flaws” or their insecurities is very important to the mompreneur, who grew up with her own challenges due to the birth mark in her left eye that left her legally blind.

Courtesy of Ashlee Muhammad

“Kids can be very cruel,” Muhammad told theGrio. “And unfortunately, when people say things to you, those words stick and those words are harsh. But I think that if you build up your own self-confidence and you build up enough love within yourself, you’re able to start to kind of black out that noise.”

Muhammad adds, “I think that that love of self is the only thing that’s really going to carry us through, because if we let whatever anybody said to us affect who we are as a person on a day to day, we would all be doomed.

Check out the full video video to learn more about Ashlee Muhammad and BeEyeConic.

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