Watch: Dr. Janus Adams on her time at the March on Washington

Award-winning journalist Dr. Janus Adams reflects on taking the bus to Washington D.C. 60 years ago to hear Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic speech.

Yesterday marked 60 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. delivered what is arguably the greatest speech ever given.

Award-winning journalist, author and podcast host Dr. Janus Adams joins “theGrio with Eboni K. Williams” to reflect on her experience traveling to the March on Washington.

While she and her mother traveled on a bus from New York City to Washington D.C., Dr. Adams says, “People were coming from everywhere by bus, by train, by plane, on foot. We cannot forget those people who came on foot.”

She recounts that when their bus crossed the Mason-Dixon line, they were surrounded by a white mob rocking the bus from side to side. She says the driver narrowly got the bus out of there.

“The image that I will not only never forget is the feeling of being in that state of terror, but also the fact that that mob was rimmed by sheriffs and sheriff’s deputies who were totally complicit and just looked on and let it happen, because in that environment, to them, we were troublemakers,” the author says.

Dr. Adams also pays tribute to the people of Black Lives Matter for being some of the key leaders of today, saying they are essentially young people who are doing, for their time, what we did in ours.

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