Best TV comedies of 2023

From "Abbott Elementary" and "Young Love" to "I’m a Virgo" and "Rap Sh!t," here are this year’s top laugh-out-loud TV shows to catch before the year ends.

The year 2023 was a heavy one for many, which makes us all the more grateful for the brevity and lightheartedness of TV’s standout comedy shows. This year, we saw the debut of a few new and exciting TV shows and the return of the offerings we already know and love. 

Hulu’s “UnPrisoned” made its mark with a hilarious but heartfelt performance by Kerry Washington, while Netflix’s “Survival of the Thickest” gave star Michelle Buteau some long overdue and much-deserved praise. “Harlem” rose to the occasion with the premiere of its beloved second season, and “Abbott Elementary” concluded its second season with critical acclaim and four Emmy nominations. TheGrio has an eye on the TV all year, and we’re ready to unpack all of Hollywood’s best comedies. From “Young Love” to “I’m a Virgo,” here are this year’s top ones to watch. 


Tracy Oliver’s “Harlem” resonated with Black women across the country when it debuted on Prime Video in 2021, and its influence continues to be felt today. Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Jerrie Johnson and Shoniqua Shandai co-star as a group of close friends figuring out life and love in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. This season, Good’s Camille finds herself caught between two love interests, Quinn (Byers) navigates her new identity, and Tye (Johnson) is dealing with health scares and a changing relationship status, while Angie (Shandai) works hard for her big break. “Harlem” brings the laughs alongside the close female friendship that we love to see. 

Young Love

Fresh off the heels of his Oscar win, creator Matthew Cherry is back with the premiere of “Young Love.” The animated Max show is based on the award-winning film “Hair Love,” and stars Hollywood heavy hitters Issa Rae, Loretta Devine, Henry Lennix and Kid Cudi. The series follows two millennial parents as they navigate family, friends and marriage, while also making room for their careers. Kid-friendly and oh-so-lovable, “Young Love” is the perfect TV show to enjoy with the whole family.

Rap Sh!t

Issa Rae and Syreeta Singleton’s Miami-based Max series returned this year with a hilarious second season. On the cusp of stardom, rappers Shawna (Aida Osman) and Mia (KaMillion) have left Miami and are on tour as an opening act. The rap duo is dealing with all the hijinks that come with touring life while also exploring new romance, social media beefs and career missteps. Mia’s ex-boyfriend, Lamont (RJ Cyler), has found a new love (Shannon Weiss), and manager Chastity (Jonica Booth) is just trying to stay afloat surviving fighting battles on the stage and on the street. “Rap Sh!t” has truly found its footing in its second, and we can’t wait to see where the story takes us next year.

Survival of the Thickest

Michelle Buteau is finally getting her flowers, and we could not be happier! The comedian-actress created Netflix’s “Survival of the Thickest,” in which she also stars. Loosely based on Buteau’s memoir, the show follows 30-something Mavis Beaumont as she tries to rebuild her life after being unceremoniously cheated on by her longtime boyfriend (Taylor Sele). Along the way, she develops new friendships, a budding career and potential new love interests, all while being as hilarious as possible. “Survival of the Thickest” is not only funny as hell, it’s also charming, relatable, sincere and a breath of fresh air.


“UnPrisoned” proves that family dynamics can be both dysfunctional and laugh-out-loud funny. The hit Hulu series stars Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo as a daughter and father who are figuring out their dynamic after Lindo’s Edwin Alexander is released from prison. Paige Alexander (Washington) is reluctant to build a relationship with Edwin due to his years-long absence, but she’s soon forced to confront her complicated feelings when Edwin moves in with her and her teenage son. This comedy is heartfelt and honest, particularly for those who have navigated challenging family relationships. If you’re in the mood for laughs and a show that will tug at your heartstrings, “UnPrisoned” is the series for you.

Run the World

A show made for all the 30-somethings still figuring it out, “Run the World” premiered its standout Season Two this year. Following the departure of star Andrea Bordeaux, the series’ second season follows Whitney Green (Amber Stevens West), Renee Ross (Bresha Webb) and Sondi Hill (Corbin Reid) as they navigate life in the Big Apple. All three ladies are enjoying the single life this time around, following Whitney’s broken engagement in Season One, and they are also embarking on new careers. Sadly, “Run the World” was recently canceled by Starz, but the two seasons are still available to stream and are definitely worth watching.

‘I’m a Virgo’

We love nothing more than seeing Black faces in the fantasy, sci-fi genre, and Prime Video’s “I’m a Virgo” does not disappoint. The absurdist comedy series, created by “Sorry to Bother You” writer-director Boots Riley of The Coup, tells the story of 19-year-old Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), an Oakland teen who is 13 feet tall. Cootie has spent much of his life in secrecy, living under the radar, but that all changes when he encounters a teenage political group and finds friendship, love and life. Bursting with creativity and beauty, “I’m a Virgo” is a quirky, fun miniseries that shouldn’t be missed.

Abbott Elementary

“Abbott Elementary” is not only one of the best TV comedies of 2023; it is arguably one of the best TV comedies of all time. Created by former internet star Quinta Brunson, “Abbott Elementary” is a mockumentary sitcom about a predominantly Black school in Philadelphia and the teachers who work there. The hit ABC series concluded its second season — which currently holds a 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes — this year. With three Emmy Award wins and 15 nominations, “Abbott Elementary” continues to dominate the TV industry, and we couldn’t be happier.

Grand Crew

Black sitcoms hold a special place in our hearts, and “Grand Crew” is a perfect example of why. The NBC series stars Echo Kellum, Nicole Byer, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Jennings, Carl Tart and Grasie Mercedes as a group of Black professionals living and working in Los Angeles. One of this year’s most underrated comedies, “Grand Crew” was unfortunately canceled by NBC in June. Nevertheless, the first two seasons are definitely worth binging on if you’re looking for a good laugh and some lighthearted fun.

The Neighborhood

“The Neighborhood” stars comedy heavyweights Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold … need we say more? The CBS series takes funny to the next level with its all-star cast, dynamic writing and on-the-nose storytelling. The two star as a married couple who face an unexpected change to their predominantly Black neighborhood when a white, Midwestern couple moves in. Now in its fifth season, “The Neighborhood” is one of those rare sitcoms that leave you laughing every time. Make sure to stream the latest season, which concluded this year, on Paramount+.

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