Netflix announces cast of upcoming Tyler Perry series, ‘Beauty in Black’ 

The actor and filmmaker's latest project follows his first-look series deal with the streamer.

Tyler Perry is adding another production under his multi-year first-look deal with Netflix.

Tyler Perry,
On Friday, Netflix announced the cast of the upcoming new series “Tyler Perry’s Beauty in Black.” (Photo by Netflix)

The streaming platform revealed on Friday the cast members of the creator’s forthcoming series, “Tyler Perry’s Beauty in Black.” Taylor Polidore Williams, Crystle Stewart, Shannon Wallace, Richard Lawson, Ricco Ross, George Middlebrook, Terrell Carter and more will be featured in the project.

The hourlong drama follows two women who lead very different lives. Kimmie (played by Williams) struggles to make a living after her mother kicks her out, and Mallory (played by Stewart) runs a successful business. The two find themselves entangled in each other’s lives. 

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Perry will write, direct and produce the 16-episode series.   

Other cast members include Amber Reign Smith, Debbi Morgan, Steven G. Norfleet, Julian Horton, Bryan Tanaka, Joy Rovaris, Xavier Smalls, Charles Malik Whitfield, Tamera “Tee” Kissen, Tamera “Tee” Kissen, and Ashley Versher.

Angi Bones and Tony Strickland will also produce for Tyler Perry Studios. 

“Beauty in Black” joins other Perry series, including “A Fall from Grace,” “A Madea Homecoming,” and most recently, “Mea Culpa.”