Watch: Healing trauma through movement | Life Hacks

Ebony T. Nichols shares how movement can help with healing trauma for theGrio's Life Hacks series.

In this episode of Life Hacks, Ebony T. Nichols, a licensed somatic dance movement therapist, breaks down how dance and movement can help with healing trauma.

“I know it’s cliche and it’s kind of been floating around that trauma lives in the body, but it really does,” Nichols tells theGrio. “What I love about what’s happening in the world now is that there’s more talk about therapy and various approaches to therapy. While talk therapy has its lane and its benefits, there’s a deepening process that happens that connects behavior, actions, expressions, and how those are experienced through the body.”

Nichols adds, “The lingering of trauma and conditioning through this psycho-social dynamic, racial trauma, intergenerational trauma, personal dynamic, those require pauses and shifts that can be healed by attuning to the body and what’s happening in it.”

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