Watch: Dr. Anne Beal on anti-aging skincare products | Life Hacks

Dr. Anne Beal joins Life Hacks with Liana to discuss anti-aging skincare products.

Aging is a natural process and as we get older we notice the physical changes in the appearance of our skin. There are many anti-aging products focused on reducing the signs of aging. Dr. Anne Beal, a physician-researcher and founder of Absolute Joi skincare, joins Life Hacks with Liana to break down how our skin changes and ingredients to keep in mind for products marketed as anti-aging.

“We should recognize that our skin changes over the course of our lives and that aging is just one of the many changes that we go through,” Beal tells theGrio. “There’s a reduction in collagen and elastin within our skin; it slowly starts to not be as plump and as kind of juicy as we’re used to. We start to see the impact of accumulated years of sun and sun damage [and[ as a result of the sun damage which damages our collagen combined with the natural decline with age, then you start to see sagging.”

“The things that we attribute to looking older are not just about the skin itself, but it’s also the fullness in your face, it’s about your muscles, looking at the temporal area, all of this kind of makes us look older or younger,” Beal adds. “And so it is not just a function of the skin, but it’s a function of how the face and frankly, skull structure changes over the course of our lives.

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