Black celebrity dads celebrated stylish and heartwarming moments this Father’s Day

A$AP Rocky showcases modern fatherhood for Bottega Veneta, while Victoria Monét and others commemorate more “firsts” of fatherhood.

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A$AP Rocky and his sons in Bottega Veneta's "Portraits of Fatherhood" (Screenshot: Bottega Veneta/YouTube)

This year, Father’s Day was filled with a series of heartfelt reunions and stylish memories for some of our favorite celebrities. In honor of his first Father’s Day as a dad of not one but two boys, A$AP Rocky starred in Bottega Veneta’s new “Portraits of Fatherhood” campaign. 

Joined by his sons, 2-year-old RZA and 10-month-old Riot Rose, A$AP posed in a series of black-and-white photos showing the rapper in full daddy mode. In a living room-like setting, the father-son trio is shown lounging around, playing the piano and more, which he says “shows the sincerity of [his] interactions as a father.” 

“This is me, embodying and embracing fatherhood, parenthood, companionship, and family, while still working on all aspects of my career,” A$AP Rocky said, per People magazine. “When you think about A$AP Rocky, you think about a playboy, pretty boy, bras being thrown onstage. This is about me as a one-woman man, as a family man. It is about what completes my life now: being present as a partner and a parent.”

In addition to celebrating Father’s Day, the campaign announced A$AP Rocky as Bottega Veneta’s newest brand ambassador. Just as the rapper celebrated his growing legacy, journalist Al Roker shared his excitement about celebrating his first Father’s Day as a grandfather. 

“The best part of Father’s Day this year is that I’m a grandfather,” Roker said in a special Father’s Day segment on the “Today” show. “It’s pure joy. There’s no responsibility other than [wanting] to keep them safe and happy.”

Roker, who underwent an aggressive battle with prostate cancer in 2020, also revealed how early detection helped him meet his beloved granddaughter, Sky Lara, who was born in July 2023. 

“I’m so grateful I’m here to be able to see my first grandchild,” he added about Sky, per People magazine. “If there’s any reason to make sure you’re as healthy as possible, it’s that. That little girl is just everything.”

This Father’s Day also proved it’s never too late to create first-time memories. At 35 years old, Grammy Award-winning singer Victoria Monét celebrated her first Father’s Day with her dad this year. After meeting her dad in her 20s and discovering that she had a sister, Monét says it’s a real blessing to have been able to celebrate the day with her father. 

“Spending our first Father’s Day together ever,” she wrote on X, posting a photo of her hugging her dad. “The little girl in me is so happyyyyyy…healing.” 

 As the “Alright” singer shared in her Happy Father’s Day message, “[a father’s] love really makes a difference.” 

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