Watch: What to know about hair transplant procedures for hair loss | Life Hacks

Dr. Robert Drummond breaks down hair transplant procedures for theGrio's Life Hacks.

Dr. Robert Drummond, a hair transplant surgeon, joins Life Hacks with Liana to break down hair transplant procedures. Drummond and Dr. Carl Truesdale created Crown Hair Institute in Beverly Hills, California, where they provide personalized hair loss solutions, offering full-service patient care plans and a variety of procedures for all hair types.

We really kind of wanted to come together to create a company that not only can provide the most up-to-date in regards to technology and surgical techniques for patients, but really [provide] to a community that has been basically kind of exed out of these opportunities,” Drummond tells theGrio.

“For a long time, [several] people in the hair transplant business just do not take care of patients with curly hair,” Drummond said. “There’s one group that has curly hair and, and that’s individuals of darker complexion and melanated skin.” He concluded that “there’s a huge need out there.”

Check out the full video to learn about hair transplant procedures and the process.

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