African Diaspora

The couple, in Nigeria for the first time, visited the Lightway Academy college, which gets support from their Archewell Foundation.
/ May 10, 2024
More than 100 bamboo plantings dot the ground around Dandora secondary school. Students hope the grass would help to filter filthy air.
/ May 5, 2024
The United Nations food agency warned of serious risk of starvation and death in Darfur if humanitarian aid is not allowed into the region.
/ May 5, 2024
“The gangs started burning everything in sight,” said a Port-au-Prince man named Néne, who didn’t give his last name out of fear.
/ May 3, 2024
Meghan Markle Prince Harry nigeria, Invictus Games Nigeria, what are the Invictus Games?, is meghan markle nigerian? Meghan Markle nigerian
Meghan Markle is diving further into her Nigerian heritage in her upcoming trip with Prince Harry.
/ April 29, 2024
Days after the transitional presidential council was installed in Haiti, the list of demands on the nation’s new leaders is rapidly growing.
/ April 27, 2024
As South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy, the enthusiasm and optimism of that period has subsided as the country faces challenges.
/ April 27, 2024