Raising the Bar: William Jackson Harper

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Cortney Wills sits down with Emmy-nominated actor William Jackson Harper to discuss his riveting portrayal of Royal In Barry Jenkins’ Underground Railroad and his upcoming role as the lead in the second season of HBO max series love life.

Anti trans bills to be stopped can be found at: https://freedomforallamericans.org/legislative-tracker/anti-transgender-legislation/

Representative phone numbers can be found at: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

Sample Phone Message:

“Good afternoon, my name is Cortney Wills and I’m a member of the City Transgender Alliance. I am calling to urge my Senator to champion the opposition of the (INSERT ANTI TRANS BILL: Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act) to ensure that there are protections for transgender children. In our country, everyone should have the right to move fluidly across their gender identity without the fear of discrimination. Even if they are a sponsor of the bill, I hope that they will vote against it. Again, this is Cortney Wills. My address is 123 theGrio Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90123 and my telephone number is 987-654-3210. Thank you for your time.”


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