Red Flags: Descendants

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In the final episode of Harlem and Moscow: Red Flags we’re taking the conversation to the present day with the daughter of the 1932 trip organizer Louise Thompson Patterson. Playwright Alle Mims sits down for an enlightening and heartwarming conversation with MaryLouise Patterson. The pair discuss MaryLouise’s childhood as a “red-diaper baby” with parents in the Communist Party USA, famous family friends like Harry Belafonte, Beah Richards, and Paul Robeson, and a teenage trip to the USSR in the 1960s. Alle and MaryLousie also talk about McCarthyism, Louise’s FBI file, and the modern concerns of leftist organizers. Then, MaryLouise leaves us with a positive word about her love for Black  people and encourages us to get active in our own communities. 

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URSS Soviet Chorus 

Harlem & Moscow

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