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Black Folks Who Deserve A Wypipo Award

Episode 84

“If you have a top level job and you’re bad at it but you get to keep it, that’s pretty white.” Michael Harriot doesn’t hold back as he takes a look at some of the worst white people of 2022. Including those nominated in the Wypipo categories “White People Who Are Worried About People” and “Racist With Guns.”


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Michael Harriot [00:00:05] Welcome back to theGrio Daily. And of course, you know, we’re still doing the White People awards. You know there’s so many examples of white people, white people-ing during 2022 that we had to break it up into a couple of episodes. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about some of your white accomplishment, white people. 

Michael Harriot [00:00:25] Now, this next category is not actually for white people. It’s the only category. This that’s not for white people specifically. I think it’s pacifically. I said specifically I’m sorry, it’s pacifically or bacifically, as my cousin used to say. But anyway, this next category is best supporting wypipo. It is goes to the person who is not white, but they dedicated a lot of the effort in 2022 to support white people like first nominee Candace Owens. Now she’s like, she’s like the Erica Kane of this category. She’s nominated every year, but she’s never won. But, you know, just her string of nominations alone, like she has the second most nominees behind, I don’t know who got the first nominees. I have to look into the record books. I think they’re telling me something in the booth. Oh. Oh, Satan. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Satan. He’s technically not white. So he’s got the most nominees. 

Michael Harriot [00:01:32] Jason Whitlock. Jason Whitlock hates everything Black. He hates, like, the he hated the movie Black Panther because he said, I don’t know, deifies Blackness. I don’t even know what that means. He hates Colin Kaepernick. He hates Black Lives Matter. He hates Black lives. Basically. Like Jason Whitlock probably doesn’t play chess because he is scared he might have to play with the Black pieces. And that’s why he was nominated for Best Supporting Wypipo. Rashida Jones, the NBC executive who fired Tiffany Cross. But she really made the network a lot whiter. She fired Zerlina Maxwell and then you know, she lost like 4/5 of Rachel Maddow because Rachel Maddow only does one show a night. So I have no idea what Rashida Jones is doing. But to be fair, she might be just bad at her job. And if you have a top level job and you’re bad at it, but you get to keep it, that’s pretty white, so she deserves. 

Michael Harriot [00:02:48] Next on the list. I think they might be cousins or brothers or sisters, I don’t know. Van Jones. Van Jones, remember, apologize to, like, the wealthiest of wealthy Jewish people at a Jewish Wall Street dinner because he said that the Black community had somehow been racist against Jews when it was literally just one dude, Kanye. Like, apparently all of us are responsible for Kanye. Like, what time do you babysit Kanye? Because I didn’t even know I was on schedule. But. For supporting the notion that one Black person represents every single Black person, Van Jones deserves this nomination. But unfortunately, he doesn’t win. The winner is Herschel Walker. 

Herschel Walker [00:03:46] I am with many police officers. 

Michael Harriot [00:03:51] Herschel Walker supported white people like no one else this year. It was up to him to the balance of the entire Senate was kind of born on Herschel Walker shoulders. And the fact that I intellectually challenged as Dave Chappelle calling him “observably stupid person” who made a living running into people and managed to almost become a senator. That’s a great achievement in and of itself, especially when you add in the fact that like he was running from his children that he sprinkled across the country. He was, you know, traveling around the world, impregnating white women and funding abortion providers and working as an undercover cop and running like a huge Black owned business that nobody can seem to find. But we have to applaud him. And that’s why he is the 2022 Best Supporting Wypipo Award winner. 

Herschel Walker [00:04:52] We’re going to pause right here. You know, give you some time to congratulate your friends who might have won awards. You know, check in on the people who lost awards. Because some of them, I could see some of them were in the audience crying. And we’re going to be back on the next episode of theGrio Daly with the 2022 Wypipo Awards. If you like what you heard, please give us a five star review. Download theGrio app, subscribe to the show and share it with everyone you know. Please email all questions, suggestions and compliments to podcasts at the 

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