What's in it for us?

Political Punishment- Trump’s Second Impeachment & Congressional confrontation: Dr. Niambi Carter


It’s Black history month, and this year we have so many historical moments for us happening right now. Join co-hosts Dr. Christina Greer and special guest co-host Dr. Niambi Carter from Howard University as they talk about the legacy of Black political leaders in the past who didn’t get enough shine, as well as the one’s today who are making international history, hint, congratulations Stacey Abrams on her Noble Peace Prize nomination. As we bask in the glory of Black achievement, there are still some questions at hand like, when will Marjorie Taylor Green get removed or at least reprimanded for all her terrorizing ways; what’s going on with the former president’s impeachment; what will Mike Pence do now that he has nowhere to go and the biggest question if it all: “What’s In It For Us?”