We Tried to Warn You: Dr. Leah Wright Rigueur

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What’s In It For Us, theGrio’s weekly political podcast hosted by Christina Greer, PhD.,  welcomes special guest Historian and Author, Leah Wright Rigueur, Ph.D.

This week on the show: a troubling new connection between police-custody deaths and sickle cell anemia. A New York Times investigation uncovered the sickle cell trait in 47 cases of Black folks killed in police custody over the past 25 years.  Dr. Rigueur and Dr. Greer unpack how this new finding could move us even further away from justice in police-related killings. 

Plus, is there a plan for solving racial injustice and inequity in America? Dr. Rigueur says history has already provided us with a blueprint and the path to forward is getting an update. 

And we take a look back on the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant who was just inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame—why Dr. Rigueur says so Black Americans have yet to be able properly mourn the tragic loss of the NBA legend. 

With so much going on, we have to stop and take a moment to ask, “What’s In It For Us?”

What’s in it for us?

What’s In It For Us is a smart, funny and edgy political podcast. Hosted by TheGrio Politics Editor, Fordham University Associate Professor of Political Science, and author Dr. Christina Greer.

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