You Have to Stay Ready fet: Dr. Micia Mosely

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What’s In It For Us, theGrio’s weekly political podcast hosted by Dr. Christina Greer Ph.D., welcomes special guest Educator, Comedian and Founder of The Black Teacher Project, ( Dr. Micia Mosely, Ph.D. 

This week on the show: It’s official! Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, but what are we actually celebrating? Dr. Greer and Dr. Mosely breakdown how the new holiday still misses the mark.

Plus, as Pride Month continues we talk about the unique obstacles facing folks who Black and queer and what NFL Defensive End, Carl Nassib, coming out as gay says about the current discourse around queerness in our country. 

Lastly, a Hollywood hottie finds himself in hot water. We talk why Michael B. Jordan is getting called out for cultural appropriation and how the misstep might actually lead to an important discussion about how we connect across the diaspora. 

With so much going on, we have to stop and take a minute to ask: What’s In It for us?

What’s in it for us?

What’s In It For Us is a smart, funny and edgy political podcast. Hosted by TheGrio Politics Editor, Fordham University Associate Professor of Political Science, and author Dr. Christina Greer.

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