Cedric Richmond

Cedric Richmond, senior advisor to President Joe Biden and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, shares a
/ January 17, 2022
U.S. President Joe Biden
Day two of President Joe Biden‘s victory lap after passing his Infrastructure Act takes him to Detroit, Michigan — also
/ November 17, 2021
President Joe Biden traveled to the Gulf Coast that is once again ravaged by a natural disaster event — this
/ September 3, 2021
U.S. President Joe Biden
Black Wall Street is “a physical location” that Michelle Brown-Burdex contends “may never exist again.” The program director of the
/ June 1, 2021
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson x Texas Capitol
Vice President Kamala Harris is hosting a conversation on the issue of voting rights at the White House on Wednesday
/ May 5, 2021
Cedric Richmond
Americans and the international community will be tuned in Wednesday night for President Joe Biden’s address in the Well of
/ April 28, 2021
Democrat Troy Carter won Saturday’s special election for Louisiana’s vacant U.S. House seat, defeating his state Senate colleague and ending
/ April 25, 2021