coronavirus deaths

The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority has installed a memorial tribute to the 136 transit workers who have died
/ January 26, 2021
As communities across the country feel the pain of a surge in coronavirus cases, funeral homes in the hot spot
/ January 3, 2021
Nursing home
If you’re still wondering why social distancing, quarantines and mask-wearing is so important, consider what’s going on in Washington state.
/ December 7, 2020
A top advisor to President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force says a national lockdown would be a “measure of last
/ November 16, 2020
Donald Trump Jr., the son of the president of the United States, said on Fox News that deaths from COVID-19
/ November 2, 2020
A Texas woman died on an airplane before a flight in July due to complications from coronavirus, officials revealed this
/ October 20, 2020
The state of Florida has recorded its youngest death connected to a coronavirus outbreak that has decimated global public health.
/ August 22, 2020