Criminal Justice Reform

La. Gov. John Bel Edwards,
Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed new legislation this week he said would have rolled back changes made to
/ June 9, 2022
Cell Block
The Republican-led legislature in Tennessee has passed a controversial criminal justice bill they are calling “truth in sentencing” that would
/ April 22, 2022
Trigger warning: This story involves content about rape and abuse. Criminal justice and women’s rights advocate Donna Hylton was incarcerated
/ March 12, 2022
Political commentator Van Jones and a longtime friend have welcomed a baby to the world after deciding to become “conscious
/ February 12, 2022
A group of prisoners in Arkansas is suing the Washington County Detention Center, its sheriff and its physician, alleging that
/ January 18, 2022
Montoyae Dontae Sharpe
Montoyae Dontae Sharpe, who spent 24 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, was pardoned on Friday.
/ November 14, 2021
Meek Mill is not behind prison bars. He’s no longer required to check in with parole officers. But despite this
/ October 9, 2021