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A Forney, Texas teacher has been charged with manslaughter following a fatal crash that occurred in February.
/ June 1, 2021
Lee Merritt thegrio.com
Lee Merritt said Texas deserves an attorney general that will fight for the constitutional rights of all citizens.
/ March 23, 2021
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Their nonprofit, Archewell Foundation, donated to the storm-beaten Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, which helps abused women and children.
/ February 22, 2021
A restaurant in Dallas went viral today after a video of the owner raising his voice at Black women who were dancing was put on social media.
/ November 30, 2020
Boosie is among four Texas rappers shot in the state over the course of a week, and hip-hop fans there are expressing their growing concerns.
/ November 16, 2020
The woman, who had underlying health conditions, experienced shortness of breath while waiting to depart for Texas from Arizona on July 25.
/ October 20, 2020
Jonathan Price Shaun Lucas Texas thegrio.com
Price’s killing via Shaun David Lucas’ gun occurred when the city worker intervened to help in a domestic violence situation at a gas station.
/ October 6, 2020