Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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The violence that Dr. Martin Muther King Jr. stood against for has reared its head once more and this time,
/ January 18, 2020
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A long-vacant motel in Birmingham, Ala. that once housed the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is being renovated as a tourist site under a 2017 plan pushed by former President Barack Obama.
/ April 27, 2019
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AMC Theatres has decided to honor the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with free showings of the 1970 documentary, King: A Film Record… Montgomery to Memphis.
/ March 31, 2019
Civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King, has moved many with his words. From his ‘I have a Dream’ speech
/ January 21, 2019
Martin Luther King Jr. theGrio.com
  Mississippi and Alabama are the only two states that jointly celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and
/ January 21, 2019
Dr Martin Luther King Jr thegrio.com
Now, 50 years after his murder, we wonder did Dr. King ever think about his own death? And, how did he find the courage to continue to be an activist while constantly facing danger?
/ April 4, 2018
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If we are going to honor King, we have to do better at putting ourselves into the shoes of the students entering our classrooms.
/ April 4, 2018